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    • Electric / Electric

       Allura Fire

      Wood Burning / Non-Catalytic

       Designer Series






      Gas / Vent Free


       VFH Series


       VFS Series

       DBX Series

      Gas / B Vent


       SBV Series

       BBV Series

      Gas / Direct Vent

       Echelon See Thru



       Marquis See Thru





       DVBH Series


       DVB Series

       CDV Series


    • Wood Burning / Non-Catalytic


      Gas / Vent Free

       ISD Series

      Gas / Direct Vent




    • Gas / Vent Free

       LoRider Designer



       VF VFR Series

       BUF Series

    • Gas / Vent Free

       Split Timber

       Mountain Cedar

       Charred Hickory

       Natural Blaze See Thru


       Highland Oak Refractory

       Highland Oak Ceramic Fiber

       Blazing Oak

       Aged Hickory

       Mountain Oak

      Gas / Vented

       Massive Oak See Thru

       American Oak

       Split Pine

       Massive Oak

       Weathered Pine

       Split River Oak

       Duzy 5

       Duzy 3

       Duzy 2

    • Gas Log Sets / Vented


      Fireplaces / Wood Burning

       SB Series

       Al Fresco

      Fireplaces / Gas

       Al Fresco

    • Wood Burning / Non-Catalytic



      Wood Burning / Catalytic


      Gas / Vent Free

       CSVF Series

      Gas / Direct Vent




       Stratford Bay